19 o c t o b e r  2006


"The Multikulti is an old baroque movie house on Avenida Constitución between 6th and 7th street in downtown TJ. After passing through the dark entrance area, you emerge into a large open-air amphitheater. It looks like there might once have been a roof, but it has been removed, or maybe there was never a roof. The walls are ragged concrete covered in graffiti, and they rise up high all around us and then crumble off against a sharp, stunning blue sky. We sit on a concrete floor that slants up from the stage several hundred feet to a terraced section that goes up another hundred feet, maybe more. I feel like I’m somewhere between Mad Max and Fellini, Thunderdome and Santa Sangre, and I’m expecting some carnivalesque funeral procession of psycho-road warriors to emerge at any moment with machetes and trombones. At one point, a brilliant, articulate young girl named Mixtla, around nine years old, spray paints graffiti on the wall after delivering a stunning speech, while up above on the terraced area, an elder compañero stands all by himself half in shadow, half in bright sunlight, while playing the violin.

Under the deep blue open sky, Delegado 0 sits onstage taking notes and a contingent of Chicana and Chicano Brown Berets stands guard on security detail all around the venue, while people go up and give their palabra all day. Activists, educators, community members, ex-braceros, workers, mothers, fathers, Chicanas and Chicanos del otro lado, anarchists, Wobblies, sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, compañeros y compañeras."

—excerpt from the notes from mictlan blog entry,
"la otra campaña / el otro lado: magic, migrations, machetes"
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"La Otra Voz del Otro Sonido"

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special thanx:
CSUN MECHISTAS—Rudy, Ali, Marcos, José, Sirena, Jasmine, Karina
Eddie, Zapatita, y Mixtla


taxi driver —¿ya pa que?
speech: berta rodriguez de oaxaca
speech: felix garcía de nayarit
speech: mixtla de aztlan
froggy—chales tamales
mixtla—speech-maker / graf-writer

street speech: pablo rodriguez —mal gobierno de LA
street speech: octavio de atenco
street speech: don juan
street speech: delegado 0

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Delegado 0's speeches in Tijuana—audios y transcripciones


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