phantom audio 1: phantom sites symposium

Last Saturday, in conjunction with the Phantom Sites: Art After the Chicano Movement exhibition, curators staged a symposium entitled Phantom Sites: Rethinking Identity and Place. The symposium comprised a morning and an afternoon session, followed by a screening of various videos and then a live performance.

During the video screening, Harry Gamboa, Jr.’s film, Imperfecto (1982), starring Humberto Sandoval, received an ovation. Also of particular note were Arturo Ernesto Romo’s short film, and a video entitled Coyote Steals the Raspa (or something like that—the program did not provide information on the films screened; if anyone has more information, please make contact).

Later, for the live performance by Cruz Ortiz, a number of spectators gathered at the Brown Amphitheater out behind LACMA to observe.

Afterward, tea and other refreshments were made available.

Click here for audio of the panel presentations and discussions.

Further documentation
will be posted as additional events occur around this exhibition.