phantom audio 2: “after” the (mega)movement

tell me, do you remember what one million phantoms sound like?

member? you member!

or did I really hear it, or was it all just the inconvenient echoes of a po-mo wetdream?

maybe I am bien loco, but I could have sworn that the streets were the site of mass movement that day.

maybe upward mobility has left some of us hanging in place after the fact.

maybe those of us blinded by the sight of our own success can no longer see clearly quien sufre, y quien gana.

maybe it is time to stop citing all those fancy books for a moment; maybe it is time to step outside and listen—before the echoes pass us by again.

conceptually, metaphorically, literally—we hold a new world here in our hearts, un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos.

así que — ¡muévete, güey! ¡olé olé olé!