"featuring the lights and soundz of..." fundraiser: g727

Fundraiser at Eastside Luv in Boyle Heights
Thursday, May 22nd, 7 p.m. – 2 a.m.

Please show your support for this ELA project...

“Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of….”
A 30-Year Survey of DJ Culture from East L.A.

Featuring DJs Pablo, Johhny Valentino and Gerard Meraz

For more information about the project visit:


$10.00 Cover All Night

Located @

Eastside Luv
1835 E. 1st St
Los Angeles, Ca 90033
ph 323-262-7442

Addtional donations are being accepted during the fundraiser

Adrian Rivas
(co-founder of g727)
727 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Information about the Exhibit:
“Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of….”
A 30-Year Survey of DJ Culture from East L.A.

June 7– August 9, 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 14, 7- 11pm
Gallery Hours: Thursday through Saturday 12-6pm

G727 is pleased to present “Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of….”, an interactive participatory exhibition celebrating the first 30 years of DJ culture rooted in East Los Angeles.

This exhibition will develop over the course of nine weeks and invites the public to contribute their party flyers, images, anecdotes, and spinning skills to an ongoing series of events and remembrances, while developing a living archive that can serve as the basis for historical research of the genre’s contribution to the Southern California cultural landscape.

Working in collaboration with groups such as BacktoDisco.com (a social networking website for the Los Angeles disco scene) and Power Tools (a weekly DJ mixshow program on Los Angeles’ Power 106 FM), which have chronicled the nuances of the DJ scene and continue to keep it alive in underground settings, “Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of….” will function as a staging ground for the search of the intimate and personal experiences that have contributed to the formation of distinct alternative dance movements, honoring the complexities of its chronology, geography, and surrounding social context.

G727 welcomes testimonies, photos, flyers and mixes (cassette, CD or MP3) to help build the narrative about the variety of spaces and happenings that make up the first 30 years of East L.A. DJ culture. This exhibition provides a collaborative contextual framework for participants, past and present, to become active producers in the documentary process of their own cultural

Adrian Rivas
213 627 9563

About G727:
G727 seeks to generate dialogues on artistic representations and interpretations of the urban landscape. The building blocks of a city comprise more than simply buildings, streets, and sidewalks. They equally encompass personal experience, collective memory and narratives. These are the less tangible, but no less integral elements that transform mere infrastructure into place. Through photography, painting, writing and video installations, artists open our eyes to these elements and heighten our awareness of what makes a place a place. G727 welcomes these artists to its space to help us all better understand the complex nature of cities and the
urban condition.

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